We’re looking for people like you to represent SO2SPORT!
We seek highly competitive athletes engaged in a wide range of sports, all are welcome to our team!

Meet our Pro Team members

Our SO2SPORT’s top-notch athletes are promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle and helping us raise awareness of the worldwide obesity epidemic.


Jaime Munguia

With just 21 years , Jaime holds the light middleweight (superwelter) champion title.

Throughout his professional career Jaime has participated in 30 fights, it is important to note that he has never lost a single fight and 25 have ended in KO.

Jaime is a fan of SO2SORT supplements and gives it credit to his fitness and boxing achievements.

FIT helped him maintain his weight , even when intaking large quantities of food on a daily basis. This protein also provided the sufficient vitamins and minerals required for his training sessions.

SO2SPORT provided a proper oxygenation to all his body at a cellular level, maintained his weight and increased his energy levels.


Laura Villar

Laura has a degree in physical education

Laura is also a certified instructor on functional suspension TRX training and as a fitness Pole Dance trainer.

Currently, she is a dance teacher and aerobic rumba instructor. She also coordinates dance groups and is a teacher of basic, advanced, modern and folk dance.

She has been taking SO2 SPORT and SO2 SUPERSPORT for a year and loves how she can detox without taking time off her busy schedule unlike other detox products in the market. Best benefit for laura? All day energy for long hours of teaching dancing and busy life.


Súper Caló Jr.

Meet our PRO TEAM member Súper Caló Jr Famous Mexican masked wrestler, has been wresting since he was 18 years old and hasn’t slowed down.

He was the first wrestler “luchador” to represent the state of Nayarit in the national Olympic of Lucha Libre.

What does Súper Calo Jr do to give him the boost of energy and take his matches to a new level?

SO2 Supersport for energy and 3CO collagen to maintain joint and muscle health.


We’re looking for people like you to represent SO2SPORT!

We seek highly competitive athletes engaged in a wide range of sports, all are welcome to our team!


Brand ambassadors help expose our name and brand to other people with similar interests in the fitness field.

SO2SPORT wants to collaborate with fitness professionals and competitive athletes who love to take care of themselves and want to be vocals of a healthier lifestyle.
In exchange, we ask that you commit to promoting SO2SPORT products on a regular basis.

Here’s what we look for in our SO2SPORT athletes:

  • Self-motivated with a passion for health & fitness
  • Excellent knowledge of training, nutrition & supplements
  • The ability to inspire others to reach their fitness goals
  • Approachable, down to earth and willing to help others
  • A strong presence on social media
  • Awareness of the responsibilities of representing the SO2SPORT brand and products

Our ambassadors are chosen based on enthusiasm and engagement within their communities, both locally and on social media channels and blogs. Your influence and social media presence will play a key role in our selection process.

What benefits will you receive if you join us?

• SO2SPORT products and other goodies at a reduced price. Benefits may vary.
• Exclusive discounts and special offers
• A section in our website featuring your story and accomplishments
• Exposure on our social media platforms featuring your fitness activities
• The opportunity to write blog posts on fitness and/or nutrition on our blog or newsletter

What are some ways you can participate?

• Place the logo of SO2SPORT or any of the products on your blog or website.
• Engage on our Facebook, Instagram and other social pages.
• Help us out in events, giveaways or any other activities planned by the SO2SPORT team
• Talk about us! Tell your family and friends to check out our website