Are you looking to grow your training or athletic business by offering stamina building supplements?

Are you already a health product distributor looking to add a line of workout products?

Partnering with SO2 Sports accesses a team of marketing professionals with decades of proven experience in direct marketing.




SO2Sport looks for partners who are committed to health and well-being all over the world.
As populations age, obesity will become more and more of a focus within the healthcare industry.
We look for people with a vision to take advantage of the growing need for people of all backgrounds to lose weight for a longer, more productive, life.

We partner with the best labs in the industry to make sure that all our products are compliant with today’s highest industry standards.


 On one end of our business, we design cutting-edge nutrition supplements. On the other, we support our distributors with real-time marketing information, live support, and decades of direct marketing experience. We’re here to help you frame SO2Sport’s products so customers easily understand the benefits and are motivated to purchase.



We know the supplement market and the ways athletes want to feel during a strenuous workout. We also understand that those who are just being introduced to true cardio workouts have a tough time. Often, an individual needs both personal motivation and supplements that give them the energy to work toward getting used to going that extra mile.


Join the SO2SPORT revolution and get:


• Membership in our financial rewards program
• Access to factory direct pricing
• Available commissions from $250,000 to 1M per month
• Four online stores
• Free products

 Frequently asked questions 

 What is the difference between a customer and distributor?
Distributors are eligible to receive commissions on personal and organizational purchases. Customers purchase products at wholesale prices but are not eligible to earn commissions.

Do I need to purchase products every month to maintain status as a distributor?
Yes, you need to purchase a set amount each month in order to qualify as a distributor.

When do I get paid?
Yes, you need to purchase a set amount each month in order to qualify as a distributor.

Why should I buy an enrollment pack when I sign up?
Enrollment packs offer the best value on all of our products. Also, you gain access to our exclusive promotions, discounts and, training.

What’s the difference between a sponsor and enroller?
Your sponsor is your direct upline distributor. Your enroller is the person who introduced you to SO2SPORT. Sometimes the enroller and sponsor are the same person.

How much can I earn as a distributor?
Sky’s the limit.